Kia knocked over some more people and tries climbing up something to escape.

"come back!" she laughed as she reached for her.

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{ Place One in My Inbox - Questions Edition }

Can work as an ice breaker, starter maker, or just a simple little ask meme.

  • "Am I dead?"
  • "Another one?"
  • "And what if I don’t?"
  • "Are you afraid of God?"
  • "Are you crazy?”
  • "Are you lost?"
  • "Are you really that shallow?"
  • "Are you sure it’s okay?"
  • "Are you sure there were no…

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"Okay. Tag,OneTwoThreeGo!!" Kia poked her right on the nose before making a run for it out of the room. She doesn't care much about pushing over the thee prisoners as she went.

She laughed as she ran after her. “Hey!”

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your body is a museum
of natural disasters
can you grasp
how stunning that is

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Then Kia wrapped her arms around the other's waist and tugs her out. "I found you, I found you~. Wanna do one more round? Or do you wanna do something else?"

"One more round!" she giggled.

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If we kissed:

  • [x]This wouldn’t happen.
  • [] Oh disgusting.
  • [] Again, again.
  • [] Kiss you back.
  • [] Let’s take this to the bedroom.
  • [] Slap/Push you away.
  • [x] Be confused

If you asked me out I’d say:

  • [x] Um no.
  • [x] I’m taken-
  • [] Sure.

Can we cuddle?:

  • [] No.
  • [] Ew.
  • [x] Sure.
  • [] YES.


  • [] Let’s do it.
  • [] No. You can’t handle my d.
  • [] FUCK YES.
  • [x] No.

Should you reblog this?:

  • [] Yes. I want to send you one.
  • [x] Yes.
  • [] No.

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